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The Airgun Training and Education Organisation was primarily set up to educate, train and promote all aspects of airgun shooting to all ages.

With professionally qualified trainers, assessors and verifiers, who have many years of experience in both occupational training and the airgun world, covering all disciplines from competition shooting, pest control, and corporate entertainment. Delivering courses to pest control professional, local government environmental health officers, schools, and police. We have a wide knowledge of the law relating to the use of airguns in all areas, our schools project is a unique attempt to educate young people about the fun that can be had with an airgun while also warning of the dangers of mis-use.
Visit our website on

For a full list of all the shows and events at which the Airgun Training and Education Organisation will be exhibiting, and giving one to one instruction, visit our calendar page










Country Covers outdoor clothing and accessories

Country Covers has now become a well recognised Brand Name with our distinctive Woodcock logo. We are based in the West Country.  Our sister company, Arktis Ltd, specialises in supplying endurance clothing to military units and police forces around the world.

At  Country Covers our mission is to make available, to the general public, this same superb range of outdoor endurance clothing. Our range of tried and tested kit is now available to all who enjoy the great outdoors. We also believe that after sales back up is as important as the sale itself and our aim is always to look after our customers. All our main coats come with a no quibble 4 year guarantee. We will always make sure that our customers are happy as we very much rely on word of mouth for our continuing sales. Our philosophy is to always treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.

Finally, we have so much confidence in the products we sell, that we use them ourselves! There is nothing we sell that we do not use on a regular basis. We would like to personally thank all those customers who have purchased an item of clothing from us, and who have since taken the time to share their outdoor experience with us as this feedback contributes to the continual improvement of our products.

Visit us at our warehouse near Lyme Regis on the Dorset/ Devon border, or click on our logo to see our range. Alternatively, look out for us at the various shows and events at which we will be exhibiting this year. Venues listed on the Show Dates page of our website.




A revolutionary new handicap system designed, developed, and tested in the U.K. and which benefits both the competitive and handicapped shooter.

Registration is free for every shooter!




Global Rifle

Specialists in accuracy and in long range shooting

We Supply Excellent Modern Kit. 

We do not sell anything outdated, or anything new that does not meet our exacting standards.

Our distributorships include the following:

  • DSR rifles
  • Snipersystems .50 BMG rifles
  • Pfeifer-Waffen Handyhunter custom rifles
  • Voere rifles
  • Christensen Arms rifles
  • Schmidt and Bender and Hensoldt Military optics
  • Horusvision optics, special reticules and ballistic software
  • Shepherd and Lynx hunting scopes
  • A.R.M.S. Inc. mounts etc
  • Golight remote control lamps and searchlight
  • ACI, Mildot Master, Xplorer weather station and other sniper tools
  • Snipersystems Mil Spec Tilting bipods
  • Military night vision
  • NiteMax  digital night viewers
  • Blackhills and Swiss ammunition .
  • Black Shadow Gun Coatings .

Visit our website at www.snipersystems.co.uk

or phone us for more information on:

 01455 291100