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The Dunblane Inquiry Cover-up Exposed.

What happened at Dunblane Primary School on 13 March 1996 shocked the British nation to the core. An Inquiry was set up under the Tribunals of Inquiry (Evidence) Act 1921 to fully examine what led up to Thomas Hamilton shooting dead 16 children and their teacher, injuring a further 12 children and 3 teachers. Thirteen years on, do we really know the truth about the events of that dreadful day?

The author - who lived in Dunblane for nearly 20 years - has meticulously researched all the evidence and presents a very different version of events from those in
Lord Cullen's Report.

This is a thought provoking book that asks many questions, particularly about Thomas Hamilton's relationship with members of Central Scotland Police. The author is calling for a new Public Inquiry into the events of that day and into the associates of Thomas Hamilton and what they knew. Despite persistent attempts by the Scottish Crown Office to keep the truth buried, campaigners say they will never give up until the truth is exposed. This is must read for anyone who thinks the Dunblane Inquiry was a cover-up. To view further material concerning the Dunblane tragedy
click here.

Government response to Cullen Enquiry

One should pay particular attention to the statement given by the off duty police officer who arrived at the scene within a minute or two of the shootings. This witness was NOT called to the witness stand at the Inquiry to give evidence. His statement was NOT deposited in the Scottish National Archive before November 2005, nine years after the event as shown by the preceding letter.

To obtain your copy of this meticulously researched book from Amazon, click on the front page image.

Alternatively, send a cheque for 11.50 (including postage and packing) made payable to Joe Kelly and post to:  Home Farm, Smith Street, Spratton, Northants, NN6 8HW




The Chairman of National Shooting Association, Mr Joe Kelly (centre) meeting with Earl Spencer during the Sporting Gun Show held at Althorpe House, August 2007. On the left and right of the front row are the gamekeepers of the Althorpe Estate.




Getting a Stand    A history of Buffalo Hunting by historian of the Old West, and collector of Sharps Buffalo rifles, Miles Gilbert. 

An illustrated history of the time period 1870 - 1884 during which approximately 34 million Buffalo were harvested for their meat and hides. This authoritative work contains first hand accounts of men and women who were on the range in the Old West when it was covered with the huge, shaggy beasts. Their stories include accounts of blizzards, stampedes, Indian attacks and the day to day work of shooting, skinning, and butchering for as little as 25 cents to skin, a dollar a hide to sell, and two cents per pound weight for the finest red meat in the world.
A must read for anyone interested in the Old West.

Autographed copies available for $15 U.S. plus postage from:

Miles Gilbert, 1192 Whitetail Drive, Show Low Arizona, 85901  U.S.A.

e-mail: milesgilbert@hotmail.com




The Broomhill Boys meet every weekend at The Broomhill Hotel for a friendly clay shooting session, as they have done for years.. In the front row are three generations of shooting enthusiasts from the same family, All three generations of the Gleason family are called - by some coincidence, Tim! All three generations are experienced and skillful shooters. A case of a skill being handed down through the generations.


Life membership awarded to Joe Kelly by the Kibworth Target Shooting Club.

"This is to certify that Joseph Arthur Kelly is appointed an honorary life member of Kibworth Target Shooting Club in recognition of his active and selfless championing of the rights of the shooting community."